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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pitch for the Itch on IndieGoGo

To make this production as awesome as it can be, we are pitching 'The Suburban Itch' on IndieGoGo.  Here is a link to "The Pitch for the Itch" website.  We are reaching out to folks who might have an affinity for this message, who like what we are seeking to accomplish and who recognize that dramatization and humor can deliver a mighty message. 

We are seeking $25,000 in this campaign to help market the film at foreign and domestic film festivals.

Watch our 'Pitch' Video.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Make Room for Daddy!

Delvyn Brown will play "James Miles," a successful businessman and a controlling dad who gets out-flanked by his wife and daughters at home.  Things reach a boiling point when college student daughter Marybeth comes home handcuffed to a white boy. 

Delvyn is a much-accomplished and varied Memphis actor, who has played everything from Martin Luther King Jr. to the "Hairy Man," his present role in Wiley and the Hairy Man, a Playhouse on the Square touring show. 

Christiana Smith, a 16-year-old junior at Germantown High School, will play "Taylor Miles," a thorn in the side of big sis Marybeth. 

Click photos on right for more on Delvyn and Christiana. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

'The Suburban Itch' Cast Announcement

This Mom Knows Best!
Sophia Livingston will play Margaret Miles, a mom who can't be fooled and a wife who knows how to out-flank her husband, in 'The Suburban Itch,' a comedy short which will be filmed in Memphis in coming weeks.

Sophia has wide experiences as a Mid-South actor, from feature films to local stages, including many productions at Hattiloo Theatre.  She was Clairee Belcher in Hatiloo's production of Steel Magnolias and Mrs. Pauline Breedlove in The Bluest Eye.  

Five talented Mid-South actors cast to play key roles in 'The Suburban Itch,' a comedy short that will make us laugh and make us think.

Charisse Norment of Memphis will play Marybeth Miles, who intervenes when she sees police unjustly hassling a jogger.  They say, no good deed goes unpunished.  Cop handcuffs her to the jogger.  How is she going to explain that to her controlling daddy?

Derek Moore of Nashville will play DeMarcus Malone, who is hassled by cops who think he looks suspicious, because he is running-while-white in a mostly black area.  He is bound to go home with Marybeth and meet the daddy, who comes at him with bolt cutters.

Ashleigh Brooks will play Heather Slocum, Marybeth's friend who advises her, 'Don't get involved,' when Marybeth intervenes in a police stop.

Georgetta Buggs will play a police officer who dispenses street justice in the form of handcuffs for Marybeth and DeMarcus.

'Suburban Itch' Flips Stereotypes to Make Us Laugh and Think
Producer's Note: A few years back, do you recall seeing a picture of a middle-aged white guy with his big holster and gun at a Tea Party rally to protest Obamacare?

What if this guy were black? 
In mid-September, did you see where a white guy in Nashville strapped a rifle on his back and paraded in front of Hillsboro High School?
Now, picture how those stories end -- if it's a young man or black man or a young and black guy at a Tea Party rally, or marching in front of Hillsboro High.
That's the point of 'The Suburban Itch,' only we dose it up with a heaping spoonful of funny to make the medicine go down.
We're not 'Funny or Die,' which has a team of paid writers, and A-list Hollywood types to play roles, such as Will Ferrell, Dan Akroyd, Scarlett Johansen, Kerry Washington, Ashley Judd, etc.  But, we're making 'Funny or Die Memphis Style.' 

Producer Seeks Locally Based Actors to Compete with L.A. Submissions for Parts

Producer's Note: This is a testament to the humor and heart of this short story.  An actor who lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, wants to travel at her own expense and for no compensation to take on the role of Marybeth's mother.  I have one from Sweden, one from Italy and way more submissions from LA, NYC and Atlanta than Memphis.  These are serious actors who are calling me from LA during local auditions to pitch their case for taking a supporting role in 'The Suburban Itch.'

"The role reversal is awesome... as interesting a role reversal as I have seen."  -- E. Wilson, script consultant.
I need to cast Marybeth's daddy, successful businessman James Miles, who is accustomed to getting his way and who flips his lid when Marybeth brings home a boy -- in handcuffs.  Still also need to cast Taylor Miles and Hunter Tyler.

"I kill it on set!" says a seasoned actor from New York City while pitching himself for the part of James Miles.

Who do you know who "kills it on set" and lives in or near Memphis?


“The Suburban Itch,” a comedy short film set in Memphis, is casting performers, including leads and supporting characters.

“’The Suburban Itch’ scrambles stereotypes in a way that will make us laugh and make us think,” said Gary Moore, producer, Moore Media and Entertainment.  "It will be a 'Funny or Die' type of film.

“I have been inundated with actors from Los Angeles vying to play these strong characters, but I hope to find the right actors from the talent we have in Memphis or elsewhere in Tennessee,” Moore said. 

“Although actors will be unpaid for this independent short, there is much competition for roles that showcase talent.”
Casting submission deadline has been extended until Sept. 26.  The producer plans to submit the film to festivals in the United States.  Shooting is tentatively set for early October. 

Cast details:

Marybeth Miles
, 20, African-American female, comes to the

rescue of a white jogger who is roughed up by the police.  The police handcuff them together and call it "street justice" for 24 hours.  What's going to happen when she tows him home to Daddy? 

James Miles,
40s-50s, African-American male, Marybeth’s domineering father.

Margaret Miles, 40s-50s, African-American female, is the glue that holds the Miles family together.
LeMarcus Malone (role has been cast), mid-20s, Caucasian male, is an award-winning newspaper reporter who lost his job when the daily paper closed shop.  When LeMarcus goes for a run, little does he know he will meet a girl like Marybeth Miles.  Can LeMarcus survive Marybeth's father?  It's a tough assignment. 
Taylor Miles, teenager,  African-American female, Marybeth’s little sister and a thorn in Marybeth's side. 

Police Officer Number One,
30s-40s, Caucasian male, pulls over a white man running in a mostly black neighborhood.

Police Officer Number Two
, 20s-30s, African-American female with attitude.

Heather Slocum
, 20, African-American female, MaryBeth’s friend, who warns her not to get involved.

Hunter Tyler, 20, African-American male, MaryBeth’s friend.

“Preppy-dressed” Caucasian female, 20s-30, who makes obscene gesture.

Actors should email one or more digital photos, a resume and link to a demo reel to

Casting breakdowns are online at the Internet Movie Database: 
Website for the film is

Shoot-It-Yourself: Audition from the script without leaving home -- or going to a cattle call.

Here's a singing spoof about Internet Equal Rights -- yeah, me again, trying to make funny and influence public policy:

'You Are My Network! Keep the Internet Open for the American People!'