Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yes, we Cannes....Make it Short

Cannes Short Film Festival is our latest submission of “The Suburban Itch” to U.S. and foreign festivals.

With a Vine video topping out at 6.5 seconds, no doubt we crave quick gratification.  As we watch more and more film on phones and laptops and less on the family room TV set, the short film is rapidly rising as a respected and distributed format. 

"High Maintenance,” for example, started out as six Internet shorts.  Now they are HBO-bound.  That’s one goal, to have an HBO- or Netflix-type episodic series that can be made in Memphis and elsewhere in Tennessee.  Here is a podcast interview from a Tribecca panel that features the creators of “High Maintenance” and a distribution whiz:

We will fire up an IndieGoGo campaign soon to help us promote at film festivals.  Be thinking, “Who do I know who would like to see films like this, and who would be a prospective partner?” 

Hard Truth: No matter how great is any creative work, it’s going nowhere without broad, expert and financed promotion.  That’s my job now.  Make that OUR JOB.  We are all in this together, speaking to cast, crew and community here.  We can accomplish great things if we pull together, cleverly and passionately. 

Let’s be able to say, “Yes, we did!” 
Link to Official Trailer:

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